Art for public spaces

‘When creating art for the public realm I consider the functionality of the space. How could the art enhance the experience of those using that space? What are the architectural features of the space? How could the artwork complement its surroundings? Only through considering these factors can I then begin to work with the community to create a meaningful piece of art that enriches its environment.’

Art and health

It is widely recognised that the arts can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing, whether through participation in the creative activity of art or by use of art to improve the physical environment.

Corporate gifts and awards

Motivate, reward and congratulate staff and customers you value with bespoke corporate gifts and awards.

School and community art

“I believe that everybody has some degree of creativity within them. Teaching art is more about bringing something out than putting something in, so I encourage my students to let their imagination run wild and then help them to harness their amazing ideas, to create beautiful pieces of art and work as part of a team. Inspiring others to think creatively and actually make their ideas become a reality is what I’m most passionate about.”

Bespoke Glass Art

Commissioning a piece of art for your home or business is easier and more affordable than you may think. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.


Patricia has many years experience in creating art for public spaces, hospital art,  working with schools and creating art for the community.


Want to learn something new?
Patricia runs workshops in Glass Fusing, Mosaic and Stained Glass from her studio in Cheshire.


Gift vouchers.
Glass gifts and decorations.

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